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LaPetite's focus is on student success and providing a warm, accepting atmosphere that fosters individual growth and a positive self image. Intellectual, physical, social and emotional growth are all facets of our curriculum. The role of LaPetite is to guide and support your child as she or he makes the transition from home life to independent learning to formal education. We feel this is best accomplished by providing learning through play. The teacher's role is to guide each child in an age-appropriate learning environment that stimulates the child's development in 5 major skill areas: social, emotional, language, motor and cognitive.


We at LaPetite encourage parent participation. We believe that parent involvement helps to elevate a student’s self esteem and enrich the school in general. The discipline policy at LaPetite utilizes positive reinforcement and redirection whenever possible. Our behavior management system uses only a series of warnings and time out, if necessary, as a consequence of misbehavior. If any problem should arise, on a continual basis, the parent will be contacted for a conference. We want LaPetite to be a happy and safe place for your child.

+ State Licensed / Fully Insured

+ Extended Care
+ Old Metairie location
+ Multi-Sensory approach to learning

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